MAR 10, 2002
First test

Gary wakes up, glances over at the clock. The current time is 7:36 AM. He rolls over and attempts to ignore that he may be late for work. Dispite his attempts to remain in bed, he is AWAKE. Gary moves out of his bed, towards the bathroom. He enters, closes the door, looks the door, removes pants, and sits down on the toilet. Gary finishes urinating, and heads for the sink. He washes his hands, and leaves the bathroom. He travels down the small stairwell and towards his kitchen. Gary looks in the fridge, but finds nothing to eat. A smell begins in the bathroom. Gary is seen grabbing his wallet and car keys. He heads over to his garage and opens the garage door. Gary gets in his car and puts in his keys. He pulls out of the driveway. Symptom 1 is now in effect. Gary attempts to ignore the entity in his mirror, however he sees it. The entity smiles and fades. Gary heads to the gas station, and purchases 2 candy bars and one small coffee. The candy has an effect. More entities appear in Gary's vision. The coffee has zero effect. Symptom 2 takes effect, and Gary is seen lying on the floor, unconcious.